The Journey

As a teen growing up in Los Angeles, the pressures of school, work, and city life caught up to me in the form of acne. Fed up with temporary, over the counter treatments, I decided to take the holistic, alternative route and look into the earlier sciences of The East. In these ancient traditions food was medicine, used for the purpose of balancing energies and restoring harmony to the body. Hence, I discovered kombucha!

As I began consuming kombucha regularly, I immediately noticed a significant improvement in both my overall well-being and appearance. It wasn't until I started handcrafting small batches of this wonderful elixir at home that I discovered a unique artisanal brewing process utilizing All American Oak barrels. 

Since 2002, Elixirz intention has been the same, to simply provide you with the best kombucha without compromise: an unparalleled batch that puts your health back in your hands.

It is with the utmost excitement that I finally get to share this amazingly nourishing brew with you!

To good health,

Xian Marlez